BlazeBlogger 0.9.0: Command Line CMS

Aug 03, 2009

BlazeBlogger is a command line tool that allows creating blogs and websites without server-side software. It is now available in version 0.9.0.

Among the new BlazeBlogger 0.9.0 features are placeholders for recent posts and fancy colors for listing output. Developer Jaromír Hradílek also enhanced the introductory tutorial by quite a bit.

BlazeBlogger consists of a collection of perl scripts. Without needing a server-side content management system (CMS) or database, users can create static webpages that can then go on an HTTP server.

The system is suitable for blogs and traditional Web content sites. The tool creates pages and RSS feeds automatically. Users can employ the text editor of their choice, either in an interactive BlazeBlogger session or stored as files. The software also supports localization and the introduction of themes.

BlazeBlogger 0.9.0 is under GPLv3 and ready for download as a tarball from the project homepage.

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