ClarkConnect Is Now ClearOS: Enterprise 5.1 Available

Dec 24, 2009

ClearOS, formerly known as the ClarkConnect distro, with firewall, content filter and fileserver, is now in version 5.1.

A new module in ClearOS should protect users from phishing attacks. Developers also upgraded the core system from CentOS 5.3 to 5.4 and replaced the apt package manager with yum. Samba 3.4.3 provides support for Windows 7. Details are in the project release notes.

Apart from the name change, a new feature named ClearSDN was introduced. The service currently in beta provides ClearOS users with free software updates, backups and DNS management. Upgrades for filters, antispam and antivirus programs, support and other services do require a paid subscription, however.

ClearOS 5.1 is available for free download of ISO images, source code and even a VMware image. Upgrades from ClarkConnect 4.x and later are also available.

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  • ClarkConnect is Now ClearOS - Dec 24, 2009 Article

    I work for Open Invention Network "" a community of parties with a mission to protect and promote Linux. I'm having difficulty locating a contact email address and/or phone number for Peter Baldwin, Chief Technical Officer, for the Clear Foundation. Can you help??

    Thank you.

    Pete Montano

    Office Phone: 704-341-5888
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