Clutter 1.1.4 Understands OpenGL Better

Jan 06, 2010

On the way to GNOME 2.30 and Moblin 2.2, the Clutter project has released a new developers snapshot version of its 3D toolkit with many improved details.

In simple terms Clutter is the 3D version of Gtk that provides visually appealing widgets and effects for GNOME programs. The newest version 1.1.4 is the second developers snapshot of version 1.1. It includes bugfixes and only a few new features. Developers want to freeze the library the end of January to provide a stable API for GNOME 2.30 and the next Moblin version.

The enhancements in Clutter 1.1.4 address first and foremost developers. Important details for users are improved backends for Mac OS X and Windows, OpenGL support for version 1.2 and later, and support for text direction in ClutterActor. Documentation was also brought up to date.

The current Clutter version requires GLib >= 2.16.0, Cairo >= 1.6, Pango >= 1.20 and OpenGL >= 1.2 or OpenGL|ES 1.1 or 2.0. The toolkit is under LGPL v2. Downloads are available at

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