Compiz 0.6.0 improves multi screen support

Oct 04, 2007

The new 0.6.0 version of the compositing window manager Compiz now supports multiple x-screens and has new plug-ins.

In the release notes Daniel Baumann highlights the new XML-based metadata system. It simplifies plug-in management by displaying plug-in descriptions, default values and other things quickly and simply.

A new video plug-in has been introduced to play back moving images more efficiently. The familiar plug-in for background pictures and cube transparency has also been enhanced.

There is also news on the integration of GTK and QT. UTF-8 encoded window headings are now displayed correctly under QT and revision of the GTK integration has made the system more flexible. Due to this, it is now possible to individually configure the functions of the middle and right mouse button such as the scroll wheel. At the same time, the Metacity theme button layout can now be customized, and the compositing window manager now supports several screens, or x-server entities.

A detailed list of all updates can be found in the release notes. The source code package is available as a download from

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