Debmirror 2.2 Faster and Multi-Language

Sep 14, 2009

Debian developer Frans Pop has updated debmirror, a tool that creates local copies of Debian repositories. The version number thereby jumped from 1.0 to 2.2 in just three weeks.

Frans Pop resolved 28 bugs and upped the speed of parsing Packages and Sources files, according to his log post. A few features go beyond those delivered in the Lenny version of debmirror. The tool now automatically creates and updates symlinks in archives, so that there is no longer a difference in mirroring sid or unstable. It can also mirror Debian Installer images out of current and downloads translation files for country-specific variants. A caching option improves the efficiency of individual runs and reduces hard disk thrashing.

Further details are in the log post. The newest debmirror is available as a package in the sid Debian tree. Licensing is GPL version 2 and later.

The debmirror program targets sysadmins who manage multiple Debian machines and allows them to extract updates from mirror servers to the local net. Official, open mirror servers for the Debian project, however, are created in a different way.

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