Gnome’s New F-Spot 0.5.0

Sep 22, 2008

Photo viewer F-Spot is now available in the version 0.5.0. with ‘‘a countless amount of enhancements, polish and bugfixes.’’ Says Ruben Vermeersch in his blog.

Interaction with the database has been improved and optimized and a new sidebar added. Further changes correlate with a project relating to Google’s Summer of Code (SoC): the new F-Spot will detect duplicates when importing data. Thanks to developer Wasja the viewer also has color profile support, (another result of SoC) and according to the project website, F- Spot 0.5.0 can tag photos at ‘‘light–speed.’’

Last but not least, the FullScreen mode has been enhanced and the documentation updated. Whoever wants to give the new version a chance can get the F- Spot 0.5.0 source code as TAR.BZ2 here. However, it shouldn’t be long before newly updated software packets are ready for download.

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