Inktank and SUSE Partner to Support SUSE Cloud

Nov 29, 2012

Inktank and SUSE are partnering to provide enterprise-grade support for the Ceph Distributed Storage System as part of SUSE Cloud.

The announcement states that SUSE will provide support for Ceph components directly to all customers of SUSE Cloud, and Inktank will provide engineering support to SUSE to ensure quick resolution of technical issues. Currently, Inktank is the only company today providing enterprise-grade, commercial support for Ceph. 

Integration of Ceph with SUSE Cloud allows SUSE to provide a “reliable, cost-effective distributed storage infrastructure that is available for private clouds,” according to the announcement. SUSE Cloud automates setup and management tasks of cloud infrastructure, including Ceph distributed storage environments, through the Crowbar software framework. Both Inktank and SUSE contribute to the Crowbar Project – an open source project sponsored by Dell. 

“We’re excited that SUSE and Inktank are working with us to extend the capabilities of Crowbar to support the easy deployment of Ceph as part of a SUSE Cloud private cloud environment,” said John Igoe, executive director of cloud and big data solutions, Dell.

You can learn more about SUSE Cloud at: and more about Inktank’s support for Ceph at:

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