Opensuse 11: Into the Home Straights with Beta 2

May 05, 2008

The Opensuse Team has just released the second beta of version 11 which is scheduled for June.

In the typical manner for maturing test versions, Beta 2 contains innumerable bugfixes compared to Beta 1. While things are very close to the final version under the hood, the developers have really polished the visuals. The artwork for the login, splash screens and other visuals have no been imported as the Beta 2 announcement reveals.

If you are thinking of volunteering as a tester, you should start by reading the list of annoying bugs before installing Opensuse 11. It seems that the automatic configuration behaves strangely after booting to the installed system. Additionally, the installation from the Live CD leaves traces of the Live CD on the system. Another annoying issue is that some areas fail to return the performance users would expect. The next beta version should become available May 13 say the developers. The final version is designated for release June 19 according to the Opensuse roadmap.

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