Oracle to Invest More in MySQL Development

Oct 30, 2009

In a new FAQ, Oracle explains their position regarding SPARC, Solaris, Java, MySQL, and Open Office to clear up the many questions circulating.

Oracle considers Java the number one priority, next to Sun’s server business (storage and Sparc technologies). According to Oracle’s published document,” Oracle plans to not only broaden and accelerate its own investment in the Java platform, but also plans to increase the commitment to the community that helps make Java an ubiquitous, innovative platform unified around open standards.” The designated Sun owner does not wish to give up work on Oracle’s Weblogic server, rather would like to invest in the integration of the infrastructure of both servers.

Oracle apparently plans on leaving development environment Netbeans as it is. It is intended as a third option next to the Java IDE Jdeveloper and the Eclipse plug-in “Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse”. Investing in Netbeans is not being discussed at present.

In terms of MySQL, Oracle would clearly like to outdo Sun: „Oracle plans to spend more money on developing MySQL than Sun does now.” MySQL will be added to Oracle’s database suite and emphasizes the fact that Oracle already distributes MySQL as an integrated part of Oracle’s Linux as an option.

Among the plans to move forward is engagement in the Open Office project. For business customers, a guarantee, support, as well as special tools and a typical commercial license will be provided. The name Staroffice, however, is not to be found among the five pages of the released statement.

The some 500 KB PDF ”Oracle and Sun Overview and FAQ” linked from the Sun info site from Oracle. In the Open Source section of the web announcement, Open Office and MySQL have yet to take their places.

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