Photoshop CS/CS2 on Wine – Thanks to Google

Feb 20, 2008

Google uses Wine to provide Linux support for Picasa; now the search engine giant has commissioned the specialists from Codeweavers to improve Wine support for Adobe Photoshop CS and CS2 .

The initial results of this work were published at the end of January in the form of Wine 0.9.54, which – according to Google – now provides more-or-less trouble free support for Photoshop versions 5 through CS2. Photoshop Elements 4 and 5 (but not 6) will also run on Wine.

As a positive side effect, applications like Flash 8 now run on Wine, says Google software engineer Dan Kegel in an announcement; Kegel is also the Wine 1.0 release manager. Although the ability to run Photoshop on Linux gives many Windows users an opportunity to migrate to Linux, it does reduce the pressure on Adobe to finally implement the Photoshop Linux port that many users have demanded in the past.


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