ROX Desktop Filer in Version 2.9

May 11, 2009

The slim file manager ROX Desktop, with the ROX-Filer file manager at its core, provides inotify support and allows backslashes when renaming files.

The slim and Spartan ROX-Filer file manager for the ROX Desktop is now available in version 2.9. It provides not only a couple of updates for translations, but also supports inotify and builds references to unnamed files.

INOTIFY is not an Apple toy, but a kernel feature derived from the "i" in inode. Thanks to the extension, filesystems can dynamically notify of changes. Inotify registers file and directory changes over a device node and also reports when a directory is no longer mounted.

ROX-Filer allows bulk renaming, where you can rename whole bundles of files. Another feature provides conversion of backslashes to forward slashes in unnamed files. Maintaining backslashes requires escaping them with another backslash or FOX-Filter converts them to a special character.

ROX-File runs over various distros and can be installed as packages, partly over external package sources. Where to find them is listed on the installation help website.

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