Ready for Testing by Users: RC 1 for OpenSuse 10.3

Sep 21, 2007

The first Release Candidate of the free Suse distribution 10.3 has everything the final release will have, and it's stable says the Suse Team. Time for a trial run.

Gnome 2.20 is a hot new addition. Libzypp has been updated to 3.24.2, and Virtualbox to 1.5. The kernel moved to with the beta 3, Open Office Version 2.3, Firefox and Thunderbird both and the latest version of Wine 0.9.44 are included. The beta 2 introduced Glibc 2.6.1. The Most Annoying Bugs report tells you where trouble is still to be expected.

Includes stable KDE4 applications such as the Kdrc VNC client with tabbed browsing...

An update is imminent for one of these bugs. If you attempt an online update, an annoying pop-up (Bug #326247) gets in the way. The Gnome version is not the final version, according to the release announcement. Suse is proud of its figures: the developers removed no less than 535 bugs. For more details on the changes, refer to the Change Log.

... the new Gnome 2.20 with a global clock...

The Suse Team promises the last internal Release Candidate for September; it will include a Gnome update. The Goldmaster Release is internal, but the Gnome update will be available from the Factory site. The official release date for version 10.3 is October 4.

... and the Compiz-Annotate plugin, for everyone who ever wanted to paint their computer screen.

A choice of download images is available: the complete DVD (platforms i386, x86_64, Power PC) is only available via Bittorrent; the Final Release will also be available via FTP. There are CDs with KDE and Gnome installations, but not for the Power PC. A Live CD with either KDE or Gnome only runs on the i386 platform. Then there is a separate DVD with the source code and a downloadable CD image for the full set of closed source software.

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