Red Hat Releases JBoss Data Grid 6 Beta

Apr 19, 2012

Red Hat’s new Data Grid 6 in-memory database helps enterprise users ease into the cloud.

Red Hat has released the beta version of a new data grid product. Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6 is an in-memory database that provides an elastic data store. The company states that Data Grid 6 offers a flexible data solution for a wide range of use cases and application styles, reducing the need for a costly relational database.

According to the press release, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6 helps enterprises “ease into the cloud.” The solution can be deployed on site, in a cloud, or as a hybrid data tier and can be used with other technologies including Java, .NET, and Python.

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.0 beta is designed to help enterprises integrate NoSQL more easily, better manage big data, and scale application development. The product’s cloud-centric architecture serves as a streamlined cache between the application and data tier and lets organizations spin nodes up and down along with their cloud applications.

Other features of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6 beta include schema-less key-value store, distributed and replicated storage, high availability, multiple access protocols, elastic scaling, monitoring and administrative tools, data replication, and auto-failover. You can read more and download Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6 beta from here.

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