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Do It Yourself

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The lean MiyoLinux is aimed at System V lovers who aren't afraid to customize.


Alarm Clock

Systemd can start timers that automatically perform tasks at specified times. The configuration files are known as timer units.


Programming Snapshot – Python Gambling

Can 10 heads in a row really occur in a coin toss? Or, can the lucky numbers in the lottery be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6? We investigate the law of large numbers.


Programming Snapshot – Probability

At a party with 23 guests, having two guests with the same birthday in more than 50 percent of cases may sound fairly unlikely to amateur mathematicians. Armed with statistical methods, party animal Mike Schilli sets out to prove this claim.


Bit Trip

Bash is known for admin utilities and text manipulation tools, but the venerable command shell included with most Linux systems also has some powerful commands for manipulating binary data.


Install Firefox in a Snap on Linux

Mozilla has picked the Snap package system to deliver its application to Linux users.


Kali Linux Comes to Windows

The Kali Linux developers even managed to run full blown XFCE desktop via WSL.


Ubuntu derivative BackBox Linux for security analysis

Specializing in security and forensics, BackBox Linux is not only good for a vulnerability assessment, but thanks to its lean substructure, it is also suitable as a desktop distribution.


New Hat

Fedora Linux is a favorite of developers, sys admins, and other tech-savvy users. The new release sports a new Gnome and other useful enhancements.


Modular Kit

Calamares helps you create simplified routines for installing a distribution, but there are some pitfalls, as we explain.


Digital Incubator

Apache incubates hundreds of major software projects and brings together thousands of developers – all without ensuing chaos. How do they manage it?


Assembly Line

"maddog" looks at some of Linaro's efforts to improve GNU/Linux performance on ARM architectures.


Debian Meets Mate

Mate isn't just for Mint users. The DMDc project is Mate on top of Debian Testing.


On the DVD

The new Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon Edition long-term support release offers five years of upgrades, tweaks, improvements, and stability through 2019. Mint 17 has spiffed up its appearance and made changes so apps launch faster and use fewer resources.

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