Hardware News and Articles

Open Source Prosthetics

The Hidden Revolution


Open source software and hardware quietly transforms the field of human prosthetics.

Old hardware and Linux

REVIEWS: Oldies but Goodies

Librem 5 and Ubuntu Touch

Mobile Desktop Innovation


Recent news of Ubuntu Touch being ported to the Librem 5 phone promises innovation for mobile desktops.

Location, Location, Location

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – gpsd free

Desktop tools for self publishing

NEWS: DIY Ebook Publishing

Free-licensed and secure phones

NEWS: You Say Goodbye, and I Say eelo

Design printed circuit boards with KiCad

NEWS: Boardwalk free

Open hardware makes science education fun

NEWS: Brown Dog Gadgets

Signet password manager

NEWS: Let's Get Physical

The challenge of the free phone

NEWS: Security Calling

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