Restore 4.0.0 Release for Debian and Ubuntu

Dec 27, 2007

Version 4.0.0 of the server-based backup and recovery software, Restore, has just been released. The developers have fixed various bugs in this version, and packetized the GPL'd software for Debian/Ubuntu systems.

The updated Debian packages are available for the current Debian version, Etch, and for the Ubuntu Edgy, Feisty and Gutsy releases. The project is also looking for package maintainers for Red Hat, Fedora and Suse/Opensuse. In addition to this Restore is also available as a live CD based on a Ubuntu Server version and as a virtual appliance. Restore is a product by US-based Holonyx, who earn their money with services. The Open Source software is licensed under the GPLv2. The backup and restore program runs on a Linux server. It backs up data from Linux/Unix computers on the network (using SSH/SFTP) and from Windows shares or Novell Netware volumes. In addition to this, it can create backups of MySQL databases. Administration uses a Web interface in any browser. Sufficiently granular user privileages can be set, according to the manufacturer, to support backup as a service for multiple clients. Incremental backups support restoring of specific file versions. Currently, the product is only available as a data center version. However, versions for SOHO users are planned for the future.

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