Strike 2: Latest Test Version of Ubuntu 9.10 Released

Jun 13, 2009

Ubuntu has released a second alpha version of Karmic Koala containing the earliest new features.

Changes include the sync of Debian Unstable packages, a 2.6.30 kernel and an upgraded GNOME 2.27.1.

The release brings major advantages for systems running Intel graphic cards. The new kernel mode setting will reduce boot flicker and increase suspend/resume speed. Linux-restricted-modules, used in the past to deliver proprietary drivers on Ubuntu, have been replaced by a Dynamic Kernel Support (DKS) which will have to be integrated into Jockey and Ubiquity during further development.

HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) will no longer take care of special function buttons (volume, contrast etc.). These operations have been transported to "DeviceKit-power" and "udev-extras".

As previously reported, the change of drivers from EXA to UXA support has also improved the situation of users with Intel graphics. While UXA is still considered unstable, Ubuntu is asking for bug reports.

GRUB 2 is now the standard boot-manager on new installations and the GCC compiler comes in version 4.4 with Ext 4 the new default file system. Download versions of Ubuntu's second alpha can be found here:

Ubuntu (and Netbook Remix, MIDs and for server)
ARM Processors


  • Strike 3 yer out!

    What a strange title! I thought there was something wrong with the relase!
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