Ubuntu 8.10 Seeking Beta Testers

Oct 06, 2008

The upcoming Ubuntu 8.10, alias Intrepid Ibex, is now in beta.

Armed with new base elements such as Linux kernel 26.2.7, GNOME 2.24 and X.Org 7.4, Ubuntu 8.10 is due to be released by October. Beta versions of the add-ons Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu-Studio and Mythbuntu are also available for testing.

Ubuntu release manager Steve Langasek introduced a number of new features. Among them is inclusion of the GNOME Network Manager 0.7 for wireless extensions. Another is the ability to set up Guest sessions for temporary password-less user access with restricted privileges. The full list of enhancements is on their About Ubuntu page.

The Kubuntu beta, according to Langasek, will transition users to the KDE 4 desktop. Xubuntu brings with it Xfce Desktop 4.4.2, and Ubuntu-Studio includes the hardware recognition and management enhancements from Ubuntu 8.10 along with tools for audio, video and graphic production. Mythbuntu has its own beta page.


  • Running since Alpha..

    Have been running Alpha on box and lappie, and it was acceptable, allthough there were some isues (like limited number of X apps running at once in one lifetime of X server session )
    And couple of ConsoleKit crashes..
    Goot thing i'ts Beta :P
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