Unison's Unified Communications Server Ready

Sep 15, 2008

Unison is offering the first commercial version of it's software product combining telephony, e-mail, address book, calendar and instant messaging.

The product consists of a server for Linux systems (RHEL 5.1 or Centos 5.1) and a Windows XP and Vista desktop client. Linux clients are available in a beta version, which Unison does not recommend using for productivity purposes.

Services include a SIP based telephone system, LDAP index and instant messaging with XMPP protocol. The e-mail client uses IMAP and is based on Mozilla Thunderbird, the calendar utilizes CalDAY and Imip and according to Unison, is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, allowing for example, the exchange of invitations with Outlook users. A control panel eases organization of all the services.

Unison comes with it's own telephony application

The product is available in two pricing options: $ 50 a year for users or a one-time payment of $ 36,000 for a restriction free server license. Support is also an optional extra.
The software is available either as online-demo, or as components to download and self- install.

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