X2go Linux Terminal Server Brings Client to Windows 7

Nov 30, 2009

The newest version 3.01-4 of x2go first of all provides a client for Microsoft's recent Windows 7 operating system.

Apart from numerous improvements and patches, among them for PulseAudio support, the x2goclient 3.01-4 is now ready for Windows 7 installation.

[screenshot: caption:]

As Heinz-Markus Graesing and Oleksandr Shneyder of the x2go team revealed to Linux Magazine Online, "Earlier we used xming as our installer, but that didn't go over too well with users. Now X server has become part of the client. We now compile the X server directly from the sources and no longer use precompiled binaries that land on disk via an extra installer."

According to the developers, the client also runs on Windows XP (as previously), but Windows 2000 is still in the test phase. Also new is improved support for exotic usernames, which should please some users from some Indo-European languages.

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