Yahoo Releases Astra Open Source Library

Aug 21, 2007

The Yahoo search engine's developer team today released a new Open Source program library for Flash and Flex.

Astra provides software tools for the proprietary programs Flash and Flex by software vendor Adobe. The library is based on the object-oriented ActionScript3 scripting language and was released along with the source code by Yahoo under the BSD license. According to the developers Astra still does not have much in the line of samples, components and documentation, however Yahoo is intent on pushing Flash application development.

The Internet company is devoting much attention to the Flash platform and has assigned a separate team to promote development. The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library is another product by Yahoo's internal developers, and is written in JavaScript. The YUI Library provides tools and software for the development of interactive Web applications and was also released under the BSD license. Both Astra and the current 2.3.0 version of YUI are available as downloads from the Yahoo Flash Development Center.

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