Zend Offers PHP Application Server

Apr 07, 2009

The PHP company Zend now includes an enterprise application server named Zend Server as one of its offerings.

The Zend Server is available as an enterprise product and in a Community Edition that is cost-free but not Open Source. Both contain the BSD-licensed Zend Framework and the Eclipse-licensed Zend Studio.

Zend provides repositories with Debian and RPM packages to allow Linux users an easy installation and update of the PHP stack. Users of older Enterprise Linux versions can also receive an update. Zend CEO Andi Gutmans promised in conversation with Linux Magazine Online that updates and security fixes would be delivered more often and in smaller bits, much as with Linux distros.

The Zend server is also available for Windows and Mac OS X. The company touts as a key benefit of the PHP server that it offers developers an identical stack on each platform. According to Gutmans the bulk of the PHP application is developed under Windows, but goes into production under Linux.

Further key benefits of the Zend Server is what the company calls code acceleration through bytecode caching, full page caching, and advanced application monitoring and diagnostics.

The Community Edition download is cost-free, while the cost-based edition is available as a 30-day evaluation download.

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