Doghouse: Independent Means

Feb 02, 2012

With the announcement of another export quota, maddog laments the unreadiness of nations who allow themselves to fall prey to national monopolies. 

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Anonymous: Activist Hackers in the Headlines

Jan 30, 2012

The Anonymous Hacktivist group has been in many headlines this past year. Who are they? What did they attack? How do they communicate?

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Linux Foundation Releases Enterprise Linux Report

Jan 27, 2012

Linux Adoption Trends 2012: A Survey of Enterprise End Users

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Charly’s Column: Linux Fair The sys admin’s daily grind: OpenRhineRuhr

Jan 03, 2012

According to Goethe, the best way to gain an education is to travel. Sys admin Charly went to Oberhausen, Germany, for the OpenRhineRuhr fair last week.

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Comment Letter from the Editor

Jan 03, 2012

What's the top distro on the famous Distrowatch page hit ranking list? Not Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, or Fedora. According the Distrowatch, the hottest Linux is none other than Linux Mint – an Ubuntu-based, community-driven desktop system that is known for ease of use and efficient out-of-the-box multimedia functionality.

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CeBIT 2012: Call for Papers - Open Source Forum

Nov 29, 2011

The Open Source Forum returns to CeBIT 2012! CeBIT, the world's largest IT trade show will be held from March 6 to 10, 2012 in Hannover, Germany. As in previous years, the Forum will take place in Hall 2.

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CeBIT Open Source 2012: Call for Projects

Nov 25, 2011

CeBIT welcomes open source projects to Hannover, Germany! The show organization and Linux Magazine are calling for open source projects to apply for free exhibit space at CeBIT Open Source 2012. Open source projects are provided with the opportunity to present their work to the CeBIT audience, just like commercial exhibitors.

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Canonical Showcases Linux New Media Pubs

Oct 26, 2011

Canonical announces an innovative agreement to provide digital editions of ADMIN, Linux Magazine, and Ubuntu User through the Ubuntu Software Center.

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