OOoCon 2008: Open Office Looking for Venue

Dec 10, 2007

The Open Office project is looking for a venue for the Conference (OOoCon) 2008. Local organizational teams can apply before the 31 January deadline.

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Debian Conference 2009 in Spain’s Extremadura

Dec 03, 2007

Debconf, the annual Debian Project Conference will be taking place in Spain’s Extremadura region 2009, as Jörg Jaspert announced on the free software project’s mailing list.

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Live Broadcast from Perspektive Open Source Conference

Oct 19, 2007

October 23 through 26, 2007, Linux Magazine will be broadcasting from the conference on business use of Open Source solutions via live streaming on the Internet.

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Debconf 8 Scheduled for August 2008 in Argentina

Oct 16, 2007

The international Debian Developer Conference 2008 will be held in the Argentine cirty of Mar del Plata August 2 through 17.

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Ballmer Repeats His Demand for License Payments from Red Hat Users

Oct 12, 2007

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has again demanded license payments from Red Hat users.

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Perspektive Open Source: Open Groupware instead of Exchange

Oct 11, 2007

The fact that support for Microsoft Exchange 5.5 has already been discontinued and the prospect of support for Exchange 2000 being discontinued shortly sees IT staff facing stiff questions on the future of their Groupware environments.

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Linux Foundation Supports Japan with Open Source Development

Oct 04, 2007

The Linux Foundation has concluded an agreement to support Japanese developers with Linux and Open Source in future.

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Nagios Conference Live on the Internet

Oct 04, 2007

October 11 and 12 Linux Magazine Online will be broadcasting the conference on the popular Nagios Open Source monitoring system on the Internet via live streaming.

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