Nao Humanoid Robot Humanoid Linux robot Nao thrills developers in Paris

Jun 21, 2012

At the end of April, Aldebaran Robotics let their 57cm-long humanoid Nao robots loose on a human audience of mostly open source developers. The robots possess 25 degrees of freedom, a child’s gaze, and anthropomorphic interactions.

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Social and Private with Friendica Developing for a Post-Facebook World

Jun 19, 2012

Be social and keep in touch while maintaining your privacy with Friendica, a network that centralizes social media.

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Fedora 17 Released

May 31, 2012

The Fedora Project announces the availability of Fedora 17, the latest version of its free open source operating system distribution.

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Kernel News

May 29, 2012

Linux 2.4 Status

Kernel Insanity at the Highest Levels

Linux Licensing Constraints

Kernel Disassembler

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Tech Tools

May 29, 2012

Red Hat Announces OpenShift Origin

OpenMAMA 2.1 Now Available

Tizen Association Releases Larkspur

Yocto Project 1.2 Released

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Coverity 6.0 Released

Apr 26, 2012

Coverity rolls out a new testing tool and launches a developer community.

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Kernel News KVM API Revamp; Load Balancing Improvements; Scheduler Testability

Apr 24, 2012

Chronicler Zack Brown reports on the latest news, views, dilemmas, and developments within the Linux kernel community.

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Blue Systems to Sponsor Kubuntu

Apr 19, 2012

According to the Kubuntu announcement, Blue Systems will encourage Kubuntu to follow its proven formula.

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