OpenSUSE Seeks Successor for ATI Driver Script Maintenance

Jan 21, 2009

Developer Stefan Dirsch is responsible for maintaining the openSUSE build scripts of the fglrx driver. In a message on the openSUSE developer mailing list, he appeals for a successor to take over the maintenance.

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Canonical's Launchpad to be Open-Sourced

Jan 19, 2009

Canonical, the company behind the Linux distro Ubuntu, will open-source the software development platform Launchpad.

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Polyakov's OOM Killer Tamer

Jan 19, 2009

Evgeniy Polyakov has released a patch to the kernel's out-of-memory (OOM) killer function, which was designed to prevent a system freeze in an OOM condition by sacrificing one or more processes. The patch "tames" the function by defining the specific process to kill.

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Conceptual 1.0 with GUI and Eclipse Plug-in

Jan 16, 2009

The Conceptual domain-specific language generates programs that measure the performance and test the correctness of networks and their protocol layers. The newest version 1.0 of the product provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate generating these programs.

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Tor Software Down to Zero Bugs

Jan 13, 2009

The Tor Project announces that it has removed all bugs that Coverity Scan had found in its software.

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Improved Multi-Threading Performance: Google's Perf Tools Version 1.0

Jan 08, 2009

Google Performance Tools, part of Google's open source projects, is now available in version 1.0. Perf Tools is especially useful for optimizing multi-threaded programs.

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XML Fodder for Java Objects with Commons Digester 2.0

Jan 07, 2009

The Apache Project announced the latest version of Commons Digester, which comes with less dependency and can validate XML code. Programmers use Digester to convert data from XML into Java objects.

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Android on Netbooks

Jan 05, 2009

The Android OS from Google is optimized for ARM processors and smaller displays, but, with some adjustment, can also run on netbooks.

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