VDC Analysis: Linux Leads in Embedded Systems

Oct 08, 2007

Manufacturers of embedded systems are choosing Linux more often than any other operating system; and the trend looks likely to continue, according to a forecast by market researchers Venture Development Corporation (VDC).

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E-Mobile Linux Platform by ARM and 6 Partners

Oct 05, 2007

UK-based ARM is looking to develop a Linux platform for mobile devices in cooperation with six partners.

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Security Models for the Kernel – Harsh Words from Torvalds

Oct 04, 2007

A debate on various security models for the Linux kernel has developed on the Linux Kernel Mailing List.

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New MMC Layer Announced for Kernel 2.6.24

Sep 28, 2007

Kernel 2.6.24 has kicked off with the announcement of a new MMC Layer. The new layer will support the SDIO (Secure Digital Input Output) and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) standards.

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Torvalds: Investigating ACPI Problems

Sep 25, 2007

In a post on the Linux Kernel mailing list, Thomas Gleixner claims to have fixed ACPI suspend and resume problems. Linus Torvalds praised him for doing so, but also has his doubts.

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Trolltech Removes Qt Vulnerability

Sep 17, 2007

A moderately critical vulnerability was discovered in the QUtf8Decoder of Trolltech's Qt Framework.

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Interoperability: Joint Research by Microsoft and Novell

Sep 13, 2007

Microsoft and Novell have announced the opening of an Open Interoperability Lab within the scope of cooperation between the two companies.

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A Gaggle of Schedulers in Kernel Development Battle

Sep 07, 2007

Really Fair - Really Simple, Really Fair - Really Unfair: three schedulers are the topic of current discussions on the kernel mailing list.

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