Nov 21, 2008

Professional users are always searching for an edge. Whether you work with Linux as a webmaster, programmer, system administrator, or security consultant, you know the best solution depends on finding the right tool for the job. We thought you might be interested in the following new products and updates.

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Custom NimbleX Building a custom Linux with the NimbleX Live CD Generator

Nov 12, 2008

If you want customization without all the fuss, then try building your own custom ISO image with the web-based Custom NimbleX Live CD Generator.

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Smart Access Intro Techniques for managing user identities in Linux

Oct 31, 2008

Maybe password security isn't perfect, but most networks depend on it. This month we examine some tools for smarter, more versatile authentication.

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Google Web Toolkit Getting started with Google Web Toolkit

Oct 31, 2008

The Ingenious Google Web Toolkit builds optimized JavaScript applications in a hurry.

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Not All Browsers Are Evil: Dillo 2.0 Is Here

Oct 16, 2008

The Dillo project yesterday released version 2.0 of the lean browser for download. It’s basically a rewrite of the user interface because Dillo has replaced the older GTK with the new FLTK2 toolkit.

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Geode in Firefox 3.1: Lost in Linux

Oct 14, 2008

Firefox will soon integrate Geode (via the W3C geolocation API specification) into its browser, thereby exposing the user's current location. Meanwhile Linux users will have to forgo this service in that it involves proprietary software.

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New and Improved: Opera 9.6

Oct 09, 2008

Version 9.5 of the free web browser Opera hasn’t been around that long, but developers have already released an update. Opera 9.6 comes with numerous improvements to the features in 9.5.

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Fasthosts Announces Free Reseller Web Hosting

Sep 28, 2008

Fasthosts Internet Inc. launched in the US today with a 1-year free unlimited reseller web hosting offer.

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