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The use of CSS instead of table layouts or Javascript (or, worse, Flash) makes your website much more accessible, as well as making it easier, tidier, and more maintainable. But bear in mind that you might face problems with some browsers (notably IE6) that don't implement the standards properly.

Make sure you check everything thoroughly on multiple browsers (including lynx, w3m, or another text-only browser) to ensure that your design is still usable if some of the snazzier options don't work properly.

For more examples of just what you can do with CSS, visit the CSS Zen Garden [3], an eye-opening site showing the power of CSS.


  1. Cascading Style Sheets homepage:
  2. Guide to Cascading Style Sheets:
  3. CSS Zen Garden:

The Author

Juliet Kemp, who has been playing around with Linux ever since she found out that it was more fun than Finals revision, has been a sys admin for around five years. She is probably slightly obsessive about accessibility and tidy HTML.

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