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© Lead Image © Dan Barbalata,

© Lead Image © Dan Barbalata,

Article from Issue 201/2017

I-Nex is a graphical tool that quickly gives you a detailed overview of the hardware installed in your computer.

All major distributions and often also the desktop environments come with tools that help users discover more or less detailed information about the hardware of their computers. However, you may need to use several programs to gain information relating to drivers, kernel parameters, and hardware. Most tools deliver no technical specifications at all for certain components, such as motherboards and laptop batteries. The workaround involves a time-consuming search on the Internet.

I-Nex gives you a detailed overview of the hardware installed in your computer and various software parameters in a far easier and faster way. The compact tool presents all relevant information in a visually appealing form.


Most distributions have I-Nex in their repositories, so you can usually set up the program on your system conveniently with just a few clicks of the mouse. The project website [1] also provides appropriate installation instructions. On Ubuntu, you set up I-Nex from the project PPA (Listing 1).


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