Article from Issue 215/2018

This month in the news: Chromebooks support Debian applications, Opera embraces Snap for Linux, Canonical fixes boot failure issues in Ubuntu, weird unofficial LibreOffice version shows up in the Microsoft Store, new version of the Spectre vulnerability allows attack from the network, and SUSE sold for $2.5 Billion. 

Chromebooks Support Debian Applications

Google is finally bringing the ability to install and run traditional Linux apps in Chrome OS. The company announced Project Crostini back in May during the Google I/O event. Initially, it was announced for Google Pixel, but support for Linux started landing on supported devices recently.

Chrome Unboxed, a site that covers Chrome OS, reported that they have managed to install Debian apps on Chromebook (

If you are running the dev channel of Chrome OS, you can easily enable support for Linux on Chromebooks. All you need to do is go to Settings | About Chrome OS | Detailed build information and change the channel from stable to dev. It will ask you to power wash your device, which means deleting all data and reformatting the machine. Once the device is power washed, you would be running the latest dev branch of Chrome OS.


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