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Dmitri Popov
Keep Tabs on Social Media Accounts with HubYard

Feb 25, 2015 GMT

Twitter, Tumblr, RSS, YouTube, Instagram -- there is a myriad of sources that compete for your attention. To make matters worse, each service wants you to use its own app or website, so things can quickly get out of hand if you need to keep up with all your social media services. Enter HubYard -- an open source platform for aggregating and managing social media accounts. HubYard's concept and implementation bear a lot of similarities to existing commercial social media aggregators like HootSuite. You can link your social media accounts to your HubYard profile and use the application's features to read and manage streams. The current list of supported services includes the usual...
Scribble Notes in Your Browser with Notepad5

Feb 19, 2015 GMT

Notepad5 can come in rather handy when you need to take notes without leaving the convenience of your favorite browser. This super simple browser-based text editor can run locally (perfect when you are offline), and it's surprisingly functional despite being rather bare-bones. Users practicing the art of distraction-free writing will appreciate Notepad5's minimalist interface. In fact, there is not much interface to speak of: the entire editor consists of an editing area and the status bar at the bottom. In addition to that, you can enable the full-screen mode using the Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut. Speaking of shortcuts, all supported actions in Notepad are performed using dedicated key...
Use Shaarli as a No-Frills Microblogging Platform

Jan 28, 2015 GMT

Shaarli is first and foremost a tool for managing bookmarks. But this application has a rather clever trick up its sleeve. It allows you to create bookmarks without URLs. These bookmarks link to themselves, i.e., they act as regular articles or blog entries, where the Title is the article's hyperlinked heading and the Description field contains the article's content. Thanks to this functionality, you can use Shaarli not only as a bookmark manager, but also a simple microblogging platform or a note-taking tool.Shaarli doesn't support any kind of text formatting, and it's not possible to insert images. So you probably wouldn't want to use Shaarli as a drop-in replacement for a dedicated web...
Check Bash Shell Scripts for Errors with ShellCheck

Jan 16, 2015 GMT

Before you run a Bash shell script, it's always a good idea to check it for possible errors and inconsistencies, and the handy ShellCheck tool can help you to identify the most common culprits. Using the tool couldn't be easier: paste the code you want to analyze into the text area, press Update button, and you should see a commented version of the code in the Feedback area. Keep in mind, though, that ShellCheck is able to catch only a handful of common errors, so it can't deal with problems in programming logic and such. The About page provides a more detailed overview of ShellCheck and its capabilities. If you prefer to use ShellCheck on your local machine, you can compile it from...
Add Desktop Notifications to Shell Scripts with notify-send

Jan 13, 2015 GMT

Monitoring a running shell script usually means keeping an eye on the terminal window. Obviously, that's not the most productive way to spend your time, so instead of staring at the terminal, you can equip shell scripts with desktop notifications that give you visual feedback when specific events occur. One possible solution is to use the notify-send command which is part of the libnotify package. To install it on Debian or Ubuntu, run the apt-get install libnotify-bin command as root. Using notify-send couldn't be easier. Simply add the command followed by the message text in the desired place in the script as follows: notify-send "Hello world!"The command supports a few... The Simplest Flashcard Tool

Jan 06, 2015 GMT

Consisting of merely 40 lines of code, the Bash script is hands down the most simple and lightweight flashcard tool out there. The script features four commands. The write command is used to create flashcards. A flashcard in this case is a plain text file which name is a prompt and the content is the answer. To study flashcards, run the command, and the script will cycle through the existing flashcards. When you give a correct answer to a specific prompt, the script automatically marks the corresponding card as learned by prepending . to the flashcard's file name (thus hiding the flashcard). You can also mark any flashcard as learned using the learn NAME...
Push Files from Android Using Send With FTP

Dec 30, 2014 GMT

While Android file managers like Ghost Commander can be used to transfer files and documents to a remote FTP server, the Send With FTP app provides a more elegant way to do this. Once installed, the app adds a dedicated entry to the Android Share menu, so you can push files and documents to an FTP server with a few taps. To configure the app, you need to specify an FTP connection string in the following format: ftp://username:password@ftpserver/path/to/dir/Replace username and password with the actual FTP credentials and ftpserver/path/to/dir/ with the IP address or domain name of the FTP server followed by the path to the destination directory. That's all there is to it. Send to...

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