RRZR Publishes Icons under CC-BY-SA

Sep 07, 2009

The regional data processing center in Germany's Erlangen (RRZR) has released a collection of symbols correlating to diverse IT themes under the Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA.

The Icon Set from the RRZR is aimed primarily at system administrators and all authors involved with creating documents or similar for the system administration. Following the guidelines of the Tango Desktop Project, the set is optically more suited to Gnome than KDE. It includes symbols for user(admin), server apps, system conditions and classification.

The icons are spawned from the web frontend of the in-house RRZE Identity Management Project and consist mainly of familiar icon sets. Version 2.0 is now ready for direct download from the subversion repository in SVG and PNG formats. A good overview of the icons is provided in the gallery, where individual symbols can be downloaded.

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