Sun: Saving Power with Solaris 10 and UltraSPARC T2 ^

Aug 23, 2007

Following IBM, Sun Microsystems has now launched a power-saving initiative for servers.

The campaign, dubbed "Eco Innovation Initiative" and following on from the 2005 Eco Responsibility Initiative, can be seen as an attempt by Sun to make it easier for customers to save power. To this end the company offers a package deal comprising virtualization technologies on the basis of the new Sun UltraSPARC T2 processor with eight cores and Solaris 10, along with optimizations to cooling and other consumers.

Sun also intends to set a good example with its own three new data centers in Clara, California, Backwater, Great Britain and Bangalore India. According to Sun the new buildings will help to reduce the floorspace of Sun's global data centers from 267,000 square meters to 133,000 square meters, and save US$ 1.1 m in energy bills in 2007. Consolidation will reduce energy consumption by a farther 30 percent in the 2008 business year. Sun has documented its internal savings: the power savings offer is on the company's website.

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