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WordPress plugins and themes for writers

LINUXUSER: Write Environment free

Measuring the Alcatel One Touch Fire Firefox OS phone against a comparable Android device

COVER STORIES: Fox Chase free

Gluglug Laptops Get FSF Respect Your Freedom Certification

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Free software's lack of women leaders

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Send Tabs from Desktop Version of Firefox

Productivity Sauce


Anonymous Sharing with MediaCrush

Up to Speed


You don’t always need a full-fledged YouTube or Flickr clone to share videos or images. Sometimes all you want is a quick place to upload, so you can link to your media or share it online. MediaCrush gives you just that, as well as some more interesting perks.

Free fonts for the working day

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


The Typography Toolbar Extension for LibreOffice

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Use the Reader Mode in Firefox for Android

Productivity Sauce


Which desktop will be the default for the next Debian release?

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


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