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Ebook Authoring and Publishing

LINUXUSER: By the Ebook

LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice

Heavyweight Battle


The development paths of OpenOffice and LibreOffice parted in 2010. Which of the two office suites is leading the way?

Creating 3D effects with maps in GIMP


Comparing OpenOffice and LibreOffice

REVIEWS: Heavyweight Battle

Introducing the Accessible Computing Foundation

Assistive Technology


Assistive technologies may be the next major challenge for free software.

Generating EPUB documents with a click

LINUXUSER: Metamorphosis

Photo diary

LINUXUSER: DIY Photo Sharing

Mind Mapping with View Your Mind

LINUXUSER: Branched Ideas

Darktable 1.2 RAW converter

LINUXUSER: Into the Dark

WebRTC: Video telephony without a browser plugin

FEATURES: Direct Line