This Linux from Mexico offers some convenient tools and a customized KDE environment


The strikingly large system message area makes much better use of modern wide-screen displays than other desktop environments. The messages appear vertically in a wide segment over the entire right side of the screen. The system combines several messages and displays them together so that you always have an overview of important events.

Unlike traditional notification systems, the message area does not automatically disappear after a certain time but remains visible on the screen until an action is performed. Once closed, system messages do not disappear into a black hole; clicking on the bell icon in the system tray moves the history to the foreground (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Nitrux displays all system messages in a large area.


Since Nitrux integrates packages from different sources, updates must be source-specific. AppImages or Snap containers can only be updated via the Nomad Software Center.

Use the system updater (available in the KDE system settings) or Synaptic to update applications imported by a traditional package manager. The KDE tool opens a separate window after the call and lists all packages for which newer versions are available. Clicking Install bottom right in the window starts the update.


Nitrux Linux impresses with many innovations, but it also has some teething troubles. For example, the use of several different package management systems requires separate update actions and adds complexity to maintenance. Some of Nomad's own creations still have issues; for example, the Nomad Software Center crashed in the test. Users who are keen to experiment and open to new technologies will find Nitrux an interesting playground.

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