Armbian 23.05 Now Available

Jun 07, 2023

Based on Debian 12, the latest version of the ARM/RISC-V distribution is now available to download and install.

Armbian is almost at its 10-year anniversary and has announced the release of version 23.05. This release is based on Debian and created specifically for ARM and RISC-V architecture. Version 23.05 is nicknamed "Suni" and is based on a completely refactored build framework that has been in the works for the past 3 years.

According to the project website, "...many ARM-focused Linux distributions are essentially Armbian under a different name! We are committed to streamlining complexity and offering an exceptional solution for the community."

The latest version of Armbian offers several improvements which include Armbian Bookwork-based images for the latest updates from Debian, i3 support, improvements to the armbian-installer, an optimized package base, consistent application packages, improved Ubuntu-based assemblies, fast and safe updates, the inclusion of the armbian-gaming script, and plenty of bug fixes and security patches.

Users without ARM or RISC-V hardware can download a Ubuntu-based image for AMD/Intel machines. This version has much of the Ubuntu-ness removed (such as the removal of Ubuntu Pro and snap).

Read the detailed changelog to see what is new to Armbian 23.05 and download an ISO image for installation on the single-board computer of your choice. On the download page, you'll also find links for amd64 images.


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