Kernel: Ext 4 Filesystem Moves Beyond Developer Status

Oct 14, 2008

Theodore Ts'o has renamed the Ext4 filesystem, for which he has been responsible for source and documentation, from extdev to ext4. Linus Torvalds has also incorporated the change into his personal source tree for the upcoming Kernel 2.6.28.

After the release of Kernel 2.6.27, a usual two-week merge window occurs when Torvalds merges the code for the next version into his personal kernel archive.

Gitk in Ext4
Graphical tool Gitk shows that even Torvalds's source tree no longer designates the filesystem as ext4dev.

Ts'o considers the filesystem, successor to Ext3, stable enough to drop the developer version tag. During the summer he had moved ahead boldly to make Ext4 the primary filesystem on his personal laptop.

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