Update: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6

Nov 16, 2007

Linux distributor Red Hat has released the sixth updated for version 4 of its discontinued Enterprise Linux product.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.6 includes a completely updated set of installation CDs which support new hardware at the install phase. The version uses kernel 2.6.9-67.EL. The release announcement includes a complete list of new drivers and additional kernel features .

The Samba package was updated to 3.0.25b. According to the vendor, this resolves several issues in Windows 2003 and Windows Vista connections. Infiniband OFED support was updated to version 1.2, the CIFS client to version 1.48aRH.

Besides this, there are extras, CD images with updated third-party software. Additionally, Red Hat provides several packages for its discontinued Enterprise Linux as a technology preview. The distribution does not recommend their use in production environments, and does not provide support. These packages include GCC 4.1, Open Office 2.0 and AutoFS5.

The update is available to subscription owners via the Red Hat Network.

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