OpenSuse Hack Week III Winners Announced

Oct 16, 2008

OpenSuse community manager Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier today announced the winners of the 3rd OpenSuse Hack Week. Prizes were given in three categories; best performance in multi-project cooperation, the Penguin Award for the most original project and an award for the best project per se.

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Qt Developer Days: New Qt IDE Called Greenhouse

Oct 15, 2008

Today at the Qt Developer Days, Matthias Ettrich of Qt Software, formerly Trolltech, announced a new development environment for Qt Software called Greenhouse. The Qt Developer Days are being held in Munich from October 14 through 15.

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Open Everything

Oct 14, 2008

Open source has long since advanced to become the buzz word in a global conversation. That “open” is an idea which touches many facets of society will be the subject of upcoming events to be held in numerous locations, including London on November 6. and Berlin on December 6.

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Linux-Kongress: Keynote Videos Online

Oct 13, 2008

The videos show James Bottomley, Jonathan Corbet and Dirk Hohndel holding their keynotes at Linux-Kongress last week.

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Linux Kongress: Intel promotes intuitive access to Linux

Oct 11, 2008

In the closing speech of the Linux Kongress in Hamburg, Intel's CTO Dirk Hohndel appealed to the developer community to orientate themselves more strongly on the needs of users.

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Linux-Kongress: Corbet Presents New Kernel 2.6.27

Oct 10, 2008

In the second keynote of the Linux-Kongress in Hamburg, Germany, cofounder of and kernel developer Jonathan Corbet presented details on yesterday's released Kernel 2.6.27, but also described some of the work Linus Torvalds and his group of hackers have been up to.

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Linux-Kongress: Linux Foundation Declares OS X a Luxury Jail

Oct 09, 2008

As a director of the Linux Foundation and a Linux SCSI developer, James Bottomley opened the Linux-Kongress in Hamburg, Germany this week with a keynote investigating the commonalities and differences among the various Open Source operating systems. He describes Linux as the liveliest variant among them.

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OpenSource World Conference & Expo Announced

Oct 07, 2008

IDG World Expo announced the launch of OpenSource World Conference & Expo, an event that will include features of LinuxWorld with an emphasis on open source technology.

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