Linux Mint 9 is Released

May 18, 2010

Say Hello to "Isadora"

The Linux Mint team announced Linux Mint 9 today. The open source OS, which is based on Ubuntu 10.04, marks the first new version since Version 8, "Helena," came in November 2009.

Like all good OS updates, Isadora contains a slew of new features including, a new backup tool and software manager. The Windows installer from previous releases returns, allowing a user to install Linux Mint as a program on a Windows C:\ drive, without the need for partitions.

A USB startup disk creator commonly packaged with Ubuntu allows Linux Mint to export onto a USB stick. Among the included software in Linux Mint 9 is Gwibber, an open source microblog client, P7zip, a zip utility and apturl, a package installer.

On a superficial level, Isadora features new backgrounds, an enhanced welcome screen and an improved and simplified Update Manager.

Linux Mint 9 can be downloaded at A full feature set including system requirements can be found here.

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