Backup News and Articles

Debian Clone

IN-DEPTH: Cloning a Debian System with apt-clone free

Backing up a living system

IN-DEPTH: Serve It up Hot free

Avoiding data corruption in backups

IN-DEPTH: Integrity Check free

Rsync for website backup in a shared hosting environment

LINUX VOICE: Back End Backup free

Create snapshots with Timeshift

IN-DEPTH: Time Jumping free

Create system snapshots with CYA

IN-DEPTH: System Saver free

Your files will be assimilated

IN-DEPTH: Command Line – BorgBackup free

Tools for reconstructing deleted data

REVIEWS: Rescue Mission free

The sys admin's daily grind: Backup2l

SYSADMIN: I'll Be Back free

Data backup in the cloud with Duplicati

KNOW-HOW: Secure Cloud free

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