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Linux Foundation Releases a New Draft of OpenChain Spec


Plan and perform your daily tasks

LINUX VOICE: Focus on Your Work free

Build your own pulsemeter

NEWS: Close to Your Heart free

Manage and share files with Git

IN-DEPTH: Many Branches free

Exploring the Tiny $9 C.H.I.P. Computer

Up Close with C.H.I.P.


The C.H.I.P. is a cute little thing, but don't let appearances fool you: It is quite the beast deep down, and you can squeeze some seriously fun projects out of it.

Free as in Vote

SERVICE: Welcome free

Cycles for Science


Red Hat's Jim Perrin contrasts the company's three sponsored Linux projects

NEWS: Three in One free

Doghouse – The Year of *x

LINUX VOICE: Tempus fugit free

Shared birthdays among party guests

IN-DEPTH: Programming Snapshot – Probability free

Issue 41: Linux Shell Handbook 2021 Edition/Special Editions

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