• Cross-Examination

    People applying for IT jobs should brace themselves for the popular interview question about the sticky bit in Unix operating systems. It certainly pays to know.

  • Ask Klaus

    Klaus addresses problems with Wheezy updates, Adobe Flash, dial-up settings, and mountpoint dates.

  • Heedful Helper

    The Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux free antivirus scanner works unobtrusively in the background and targets mainly server operators and users who exchange files with Windows computers.

  • Get Back

    KDE's Kup tool uses Rsync and techniques from the Git version control environment for sophisticated backup with an easy GUI interface.

News and Articles

  • Instant E-Books

    Generate e-books from Markdown-formatted text files quickly and reliably using Bash PubKit.

  • Tool Tips

    Tool tests on the fast track

  • F for Freedom

    The F-Droid project provides an easy way to browse and install open source Android apps.

  • Lockdown

    We provide some important but often overlooked tips for securing your Android tablet.

  • Group Dynamic

    Some mathematical puzzles initially sound easy to solve. Those who actually try, however, will see how quickly the problems can become difficult.

  • On the DVD

    Tanglu 3.0 and Kubuntu 15.04

  • Rescuer at Hand

    Many of the recent Linux exploits are the result of vulnerabilities in SSL libraries. TLS Interposer can help calm the waves.

  • Sound City

    The Audacity free audio editor is evolving from a hobby app into a professional sound tool.

  • GNU Android

    It is easy to replace Windows with Linux on a standard PC. Is it just as easy to replace the pre-installed Android OS on your smartphone with a free Android system like Replicant? Read on and find out!

  • NEWS

    Updates on technologies, trends, and tools