Python, Lua and BeanShell: Google's New Android Scripting

Jun 12, 2009

The Android Scripting Environment (ASE) is under Apache 2.0 licensing and should soon have Ruby and JavaScript support.

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Google App Engine Google App Engine

Apr 29, 2009

Web developers dream of getting their hands on the collective power of Google’s servers. Google App Engine offers a free corner of the Google universe.

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More Websites in April Thanks Mainly to Google and Nginx

Apr 28, 2009

Netcraft's webserver statistics for April show over 230 million websites for April, six million more than in March.

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Zend Offers PHP Application Server

Apr 07, 2009

The PHP company Zend now includes an enterprise application server named Zend Server as one of its offerings.

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Book Review: Head First Web Design Curt Shontz cracks open O'Reilly's Head First Web Design

Mar 02, 2009

Great designers understand far more about building web sites than just generating markup and style rules. They know that organization, layout, color scheme, and even writing style are fundamental to creating a successful web presence. Head First Web Design treats each of these subjects and dozens of others with thoroughness and flair.

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Google Web Toolkit Getting started with Google Web Toolkit

Feb 25, 2009

The Ingenious Google Web Toolkit builds optimized JavaScript applications in a hurry.

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Bespin 0.1: Mozilla's Collaborative Web Code Editor

Feb 13, 2009

Firefox provider Mozilla has released a new Web development tool called Bespin. The project should not only make programming Web applications easier, but make it a collaborative effort worldwide.

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Chrome 2.0 Alpha: Linux Version in June

Jan 12, 2009

Google has released version of Chrome. This latest rendering comes with an updated Webkit and heralds complete support for Linux and Mac.

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