LinkChecker Finding dead links with LinkChecker

May 29, 2012

LinkChecker helps you keep your site free of broken links.

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Google Releases Chrome 19

May 25, 2012

Google's release of Chrome 19 features support for tab synchronization, bug fixing, and patching vulnerabilities.

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ownCloud Introduces Version 4

May 25, 2012

The latest version of ownCloud includes file versioning and improved OpenDocument support.

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Tethering Using the mobile Internet

May 03, 2012

Thanks to the modems built into today’s smartphones and tablets, you can use fast mobile Internet from almost anywhere. The mobile devices can also get your laptop online.

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Cloud Storage Behind the Firewall Bridging the Cloud and BYOD Gap

Mar 09, 2012

ownCloud's new commercial venture lets you manage risk and data exposure in a bring-your-own-device age.

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Hidden Meaning: Working with Microformats Working with microformats and microdata

Mar 02, 2012

Programs aren’t as smart as humans when it comes to interpreting the meaning of web information. If you want to maximize your search rank, you might want to dress up your HTML documents with microformats and microdata.

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ownCloud Build your personal cloud services

Mar 01, 2012

Own the Cloud: Set up your own personal cloud server with ownCloud.

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Isis Browser Code Released

Feb 23, 2012

The Isis Project has released the source code for the Isis Browser, a core application of HP’s webOS platform.

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