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Suse is still one of the most popular Linux distributions. Read on for an introduction to Novell’s new openSuse project and a sneak peak at what’s inside the next version of Suse Linux.

Novell is giving the Linux community a bigger stake in Suse Linux, and their master plan for this new strategy is called openSuse [1]. openSuse will be an open codebase under shared management by the community and the Suse development team. The codebase will form the basis for the Enterprise edition and the Suse Linux box (the Professional tag has been dropped), which will appear at six month intervals in typical Suse style.


openSuse is a free software-only development version of Suse that will be available for downloading at all times. The site at [2] gives links to the ISO image files and Bittorrent files. Developers and other interested parties can also check out the current openSuse status between the official releases. Novell will continue to sell Suse Linux as a boxed product. The box content will not change but the price of about 60 Euros is new. There are no plans for an updated version or special discounts for students. Novell will then build the next version of the Suse Linux Enterprise Server, Novell Open Enterprise Server, and Novell Linux Desktop on the openSuse codebase.

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