Ask Klaus!

Ask Klaus!

Article from Issue 62/2006

Sound Cards I have put several Linux distros on my computer, and I could never find one that successfully installed the sound system until I found Knoppix. I used to think my sound card simply wasn’t compatible with Linux until I realized that Knoppix sets it up perfectly. I have a Gateway PC with a Creative Technologies Audigy sound card, which seems like it must be a pretty common system, but I must have an unusual model, because no other Linux installs it successfully. The sound works great in Knoppix, however, for professional reasons, I still need access to other distros (both Suse and Debian-based systems). I’m wondering whether I can use the information in Knoppix to set up the sound on the other systems. Is it possible for me to find out how Knoppix has configured my sound card, then copy the driver and any other configuration settings to the distros on my hard drive? If so, how do I do it? If this is not possible, I would be grateful for any information you might have on troubleshooting my sound configuration.

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