GCC 4.1 – Features and Benchmarks


Article from Issue 68/2006

The new version of the GNU Compiler (GCC) has a fresh crop of optimizations and support for Objective C. The Recursive Descent Parser introduced in version 4.0 is now used for the C and Objective C derivatives.

GCC 4.1 has seen the light of the world with a delay of just one week [1]. Release Manager Mark Mitchell was forced to postpone the scheduled released data slightly to accommodate 128-bit floating point support for the PowerPC, as this feature is important for the future Glibc 2.4. Manual Parser One of the major changes is that GCC now uses the parser introduced with the latest version of C++ for C and Objective C. This manually written recursive descent parser (that is, it was not written with a traditional parser generator such as Bison or Yacc) is quicker, and is expected to be easier to maintain in the long run.

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